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About the Joy

I opened this family gifts store many years ago with the wish of sharing a rare sense of happiness for those special human beings who are very close to my heart. All cute gifts and t-shirts found here were born from a great love for life and family and behind every design there is a hidden desire of showing the love we feel.

I put inside every word or picture memories of a childhood that I can’t forget: my mother who used to tell me stories and my father who took me in his strong arms and started dancing with me, my uncle’s strange pipe and his white hair, my beloved nana taking me for long walks in the park, forever treasured in my soul, the first time I fall in love and my brother’s smile when he was a baby. All those amazing people and crazy feelings that fill your soul and make it grow.

I hope you enjoy these gifts with your dear ones.

Irina Alexandra

Laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at you.
Fight so strong that even Fate accepts defeat.
Love so true that even hatred walks out of the way.
Live life so well that even death loves to see you exist.