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Due In… T-shirts with Love!

Beyond images, products, money, there are genuine feelings that make our hearts warm.

I sold today a Due In December Maternity T-Shirt, a simple dark maternity t-shirt announcing the birth of a baby boy. A sale like all the other sales. Yet special. Because it made me think of all the things I am grateful in this life, about my wish to have a baby, about the joy and the hope I had when I open Photoshop for the first time. I had those 5 spare minutes to close my eyes and feel thankful.

Every happy message I thought about, everything we create is a piece of us, an amazing expression of our wishes.

We feel proud when the things we do increase their value by being known and admired by others. But today I realized that every time someone buys a t-shirt I put a message on, that person must be extremely happy. For a second, my maternity t-shirts are worn by women full of love and happiness! By women with sparkling eyes hoping and silently screaming with so much joy.

A baby going to be born in December. A little angel came directly from snow and stars!! So cute.
Congratulations, dear mommy-to-be!

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