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Most Loved Nana

… is mine. Because she brought me up since I was just eight months old. When I was little, my grandmother used to take me to the park to play. And I was hiding between some huge plants thinking I was Alice in Wonderland. In fact, they were not that huge. I was just very small of height.
In autumn, we used to crush autumn under our feet by stepping slowly on the fallen leaves while gathering chestnuts from the trees.

Sweet dreams of childhood, how I miss you… 🙂

Later, when I went to school, she started helping me with my homework. Every Sunday I used to do my lessons for the next week and she supervised me. After I finished, we used to watch together my favorite tv show – Star Trek, featuring the handsome Captain Picard. Loved those moments!!

After some years, I left for University to another town and she remained at home. But I took all those wonderful moments with me.

It is never late to show how much you love someone who teached you how to walk and write, to smile, to be happy and to believe in yourself.

This is the story behind my most amazing nana t-shirts. I hope you will enjoy this gifts with happiness and love.

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